Our Services
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Our Services

Our Services

  • Professional Consultancy from our staff when selecting a quality automobile.

  • Freedom to inquire about the details of the auction sheet.

  • Assisting in LC opening.

  • Leasing arrangements.

  • Fast Shipping Arrangements.

  • Communicating the customers about the departure and arrival dates of the vehicle carriers/ships.

  • Collecting shipping documents from banks on behalf of the customer,thus saving the Customers valuable time.

  • Customs clearance and well protected delivery of vehicles to your door step.

  • Assisting with the registration of the vehicle.

  • Regular maintenance & services can be done from our suppliers and from our nominated Service stations which is available island wide.

Our Advantages

  • We provide Warranty, Free Services & Insurance.

  • In Our Quotations Each and Every Component is factored such as LC Charges, Clearing Charges etc so you will not exceed the initial budget. Also consider the Exchange Rate, CIF & Customs Duty when comparing a quotation instead of considering the total cost. [You have to compare Apples to Apples].

  • The Customer can view the Purchased Price from the Auction Site, thus giving him the benefit of the Auction concept, if we purchase at a lower price than the Initial Bid Price Given by the customer. The Reduced Amount benefit will be given to the customer.

  • Prior to Bidding, Translating of the Auction Sheets will be done &We will be informing the Customer about the condition of The Vehicle and features Such as Push Start, Extra Key, Safety Sense, advising them on the Details appearing In the Auction Sheet.

  • Extra Key Availability on Push Start vehicles will be Provided Prior to Bidding. In some cases the vendor mentions that the extra key is not available only after clearing the vehicle. In such case to program an Extra Key locally it costs around Rs. 15,000 to 20,000 depending on the Model. For some vehicles the Extra key cannot be programmed locally.

  • In the LC Application Form, If the Foreign Bank Charges Are Marked As “Applicant”, Then the Customer Has To Pay An Additional Charge Of Rs. 25,000/=, Where As if We Mark As “Beneficiary”, the Supplier will pay these Charges

  • We are contactable Over the Phone 7 Days of the Week.

  • As you pay the advance, we will be closely following up all details, Until the Registration of the Vehicle.If Necessary, Our Representative Will Accompany the Customer to the Bank for the LC Opening. Alternatively, Copy of the LC form will be filled by us and handed over to the Customer / Bank. Collection of all documentation and the pay-order will be done by us with the consent of the Customer. The Standard Letter formats are available with us for this purpose and we ensure that the Customer is least inconvenienced.

  • Our Client Base includes All Leading Hospitals, Government & Corporate Sectors in The Island, and From Whom References Can Be Provided to You With Regard To Our Services.(We can provide references from most sectors )